Adding Life to Years and Years to Life



There are many ways to help the residents living at Louis Brier

One way is to recognize a special physician, healthcare professional or volunteer that has impacted you on a personal level. A donation identifying a specific caregiver will express your appreciation for everything that individual has done to assist you or your family member. The person you are honouring will receive a special thank you card with your personal message of gratitude.

On a more intimate level, the Louis Brier Foundation often receives donations through Wills and Bequests. Many individuals arrange for a portion of a Will to be designated to the Louis Brier Foundation in recognition of the importance the Louis Brier has in our community. The Louis Brier Home and Hospital is a top tier residence, and the Foundation would like to think part of the reason for our high ranking, is the extra programming and activities that we provide, all of which are made possible by community donations.

When considering a gift by way of a Will or Bequest, we recommend all donors consult a lawyer in order to fully appreciate all the tax benefits that can result from this form of giving. Wills and Bequests are an efficient manner of philanthropic giving. A well-constructed estate plan does not impact current lifestyle and can significantly reduce or eliminate taxes.

Donors who give to the Louis Brier Foundation truthfully are adding ‘Life to Years’ and ‘Years to Life’. We like to say that personal donations change the Louis Brier from a facility into a family home. The Louis Brier treats each person staying with us as an essential part of the Louis Brier living experience.


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