Thank you, תודה, Toda Raba!

Grand total of $38,037


On behalf of the Family Council we cannot thank you enough for your generous response to our First Annual Family Council Campaign appeal.


This campaign has been infused with a loving momentum since its onset, driven by the Louis Brier Family Council’s desire to enhance the daily lives of all our residents, and in turn, the staff and companions. We have reached our $36,000 goal much ahead of our campaign end date of February 29, 2020.


All additional gifts beyond $36,000 will be used to further fund items on our wish-list generated by our Family Council members.


Thanks to all of you, we can now purchase our priority wish list items including a wheelchair washer, 2nd floor balcony awning, 2 big screen TV’s, bathing area enhancements, library and engaging collections, furniture upgrades and seasonal garden improvements.


We are now working with the Louis Brier administration to ensure that our priority wish-list will materialize at the Louis Brier within the next few months.


We extend our deepest gratitude to all the Family Council Campaign volunteers, all the previous and current staff at the Louis Brier Foundation and the Louis Brier administration for their enthusiastic support and kind assistance throughout this campaign.


We could not have reached our matching gift goal without all of you!


Thank you, תודה, Toda Raba!

Family Council at lb.familycouncil@gmail.com


Family Council
Lisa Dawson and Joy Lin Salzberg, Co-Chairs
Joan Strauss, Secretary
Tamara Guner, Treasurer
Charlotte Katzen, Advisor to Family Council
Louis Brier Foundation
Laura Edwards, Family Council
Kim Jampole, Office Manager
Michael Galope, Communications