Harry Lipetz Receives Chai Award

harry-2Harry Lipetz Receives Chai Award

The Louis Brier Foundation celebrated our generous donors with a Hamish event on June 14. Brier supporters gathered at the historic venue ‘The Permanent’ which was generously donated by Eric & Judith Cohen and Mel & Daria Moss.

The well attended event focused on the achievements of Harry Lipetz as he was presented with the prestigious Chai Award. The award recognizes an individual who has given of their time, expertise and resources to enhance the lives of present and future residents of the Louis Brier.

Harry joined the Foundation Board in 2004 and became President in 2008. Harry will transition out of his role as president in the fall and Eppy Rappaport will step forward as the next Board President.

Lee Simpson, immediate Past President, reported that that the home’s resources have increased significantly during Harry’s ten-year term as President of the Foundation. His sincerity, genuine concern, persuasive personality not to mention his own generosity have garnered him the respect of our donors. Harry’s personal commitment has always provided him with credibility when encouraging others to participate in maintaining the well-being of the Louis Brier Home and Hospital. Harry spoke at the event and brought some well-deserved attention to Dvori Balshine for her role in increasing the profile of the Brier as a major community asset.

Please join us in thanking Harry Lipetz for his many years of dedication to the Louis Brier Foundation. His accomplishments account for many substantial improvements in the upkeep of our home and care for our residents.

We encourage all those who have had contact with Harry to send him a Louis Brier tribute card to congratulate him on his long and successful term as president of The Louis Brier Foundation. To send a tribute card, just call the Foundation office 604-261-5550 or click here to have the office phone you.

To view photos and video from the event, please go to our Facebook page. While you’re there, “like” our page and stay connected.

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