At home with Hyman Gutman

At Home with Louis Brier Resident and Holocaust Survivor Hyman Gutman

“I am 99 years old. I am not getting any younger,” Mr. Gutman says. “I was born on March 31, 1920. Today, I can walk. I can talk. I can listen, and I can remember. ”A remarkable man and an even more remarkable story.

Hyman Gutman was born in Radom, Poland. On September 9, 1939, eight days after Germany’s invasion of Poland, Hyman and his brothers, Jacob and Elek were forced to work at a German military supply depot – before it was converted into a concentration camp. Throughout the war, the brothers’ looked after each other as well as they could, and on April 30, 1944, the three were.

After the war, Hyman and his brothers travelled throughout Europe from DP (displaced persons) camp to camp until Hyman met Myra, who would become his wife in November 1946. Their son Aron followed in 1947, and the young Gutman family moved to Montreal in 1948 finding a new home. “When I came to Canada, I felt like a person. I felt free.”

Today, Mr. Gutman lives at Louis Brier and is visited regularly by his son Aron. And, if you are lucky enough to meet Hyman, be certain he will tell you one thing: “I am not getting any younger.”

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