I just love being at the Louis Brier

I just love beingĀ at the Louis Brier

My name is Navneet Malli, I volunteer at the Louis Brier. I am currently taking university level science courses at Langara College and am applying to the UBC Pharmacy program.

I started coming to the Louis Brier when I was a high school student to help run a weekly Indian lunch program with my mom.

I love interacting with the residents, asking them questions, and learning about their diverse backgrounds. I grew up in a Sikh household. By spending time at the Louis Brier I have developed so much appreciation for Jewish culture: from traditions to history.

I have been assisting the staff run a Shabbos Spa Manicure program. I have met and connected with several individuals. One resident and I bonded over our love for movies and another taught me an important social skill: being patient and accommodating. I remember I was doing nails for one lady who, because of a stroke, could not speak. Through non-verbal cues and smiles we decided on a colour and the length she wanted her nails. I discovered that smiling and friendly gestures are a universal language. Once the nails were done, others around her complimented her nails and I saw that she had a smile on her face. I just love being at Louis Brier.

We are always looking for more volunteers.

The Volunteer Coordinator role is supported by donations to the Louis Brier Foundation.
For more information on volunteering, please contact: Nomi Fenson, Volunteer Coordinator nfenson@louisbrier.com

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