The visionary founders of the Louis Brier wanted to ensure that Jewish people had a place to call home, a place rooted in Jewish culture and values, with programs and activities reflecting Jewish traditions.

Although the Home is not limited to Jewish residents, the Home is completely kosher, with separate kitchens for meat and milk, a mashgiach (kashrut supervisor), an on-site synagogue, and a resident Rabbi (chaplain) who supports life-cycle events for residents and their families, and conducts religious services.

All of these services are funded by the Foundation.

The Foundation also maintains the memorial wall located inside and outside the synagogue. To order a memorial plaque, please contact the foundation office at 604-261-5550.

Yahrzeit observances are respected.

Louis Brier is pleased to welcome our newest team member. Cantor Rob Menes Louis Brier in August 2019 to provide spiritual support and guidance to residents of any faith.

“My job as your chaplain is to be with you when you look beyond yourself and, perhaps, consider your spiritual relationship. There is comfort and strength in the bonds we create with others and with God, but we often need help to reach out. That is why I am here.”

Chaplain Rob

The Chaplain position is funded by the Foundation.