Magical moments occur on a daily basis!


Magical moments occur on a daily basis!

Music has the ability to ignite that which is healthy in an individual. It can give comfort in times of sadness and inspiration when much is lost. When asked why Music Therapy was important to him, one Louis Brier resident responded:

“Music makes me happy. When I’m feeling sad music lifts my mood and makes my day better. At Louis Brier we have music groups that I really like being a part of. A lot of the music played in the group makes me go back in time to when my wife and I were young newlyweds. I love thinking of that time.”

Another resident said:

“I feel like I’m part of a community and everyone in the group really cares about me.”

At Louis Brier we build relationships through our Music Therapy programs. Every day there are musical groups that welcome our residents and offer socialization, physical activity and leisure. Residents, family members and companions come from all floors to participate in our Tone Chime Choir. A mother and daughter sit together and are given the same note. They will have to work as a team to play at the same time when the conductor points to them. When this doesn’t happen, the two look at each other and begin to laugh, vowing they will get it the next time.

These magical moments occur on a daily basis here at the Snider Campus. Lighting the menorah and singing the blessing, drumming to a song you’ve known your whole life, sharing a cup of coffee and singing along to a Hebrew song your mother sang, these are just some of the ways in which Music Therapy enriches the lives of the residents at the Louis Brier.

The Music Therapy program, funded solely by the Louis Brier Foundation, offers a multidimensional program that celebrates Jewish culture and heritage. Our music program creates familiarity and continuity. Well directed music therapy is an essential element in the transition to living comfortably in long term care.

Megan Goudreau
Director of Professional Services MTABC
Music Therapist, Louis Brier Home and Hospital

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