Significant Leaders in the field of Elder Care

Significant Leaders in the field of Elder Care

davidI am a health care provider, a nurse, a son, a brother, and a parent. Each of these roles has many personal expectations. I am also the CEO of an organization completely focused on caring and support. Being the CEO of such an organization fulfils many of the elements of commitment that I strive towards in my personal life. My name is David and I am the CEO of the Louis Brier Home and Hospital.

The Louis Brier provides a vast range of innovative programming and cutting edge practices. Each day we get closer and closer to our goal of becoming significant leaders in the field of elder care. We continue to breach new limits and achieve new frontiers through creative collaborations with academic centres, government and many other stakeholders. We are proud to be offering a thriving, stimulating energized environment.

The Louis Brier Foundation enables the health care professionals working at the Brier to be more responsive to the needs of our residents and families. We are proud of our recreation, music, and rehab programs and even more proud of our chaplaincy and social work services which provide emotional and psychosocial support to residents, families, and caregivers.

I invite you to help in the ongoing process of making the Louis Brier Home and Hospital the example of excellence in elder care. The Foundation Campaign will begin next month and I hope you will support us.



Dr. David Keselman
CEO, Louis Brier Home and Hospital

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