The Biggest Little Shul in the World

The Louis Brier Synagogue is lovingly referred to as the “biggest little shul in the world.”

There are many regular shul-goers at the Louis Brier. Residents have started a weekly Torah class. The class is held across from the Louis Brier Synagogue (which if you haven’t visited is located conveniently in the centre of our home, on the first floor).

All the books needed to conduct a study class are permanently housed in our shul. Before class one day, one resident asked if he could help shlep the study books across the hall. He carried them in the basket of his walker. We created an official designation for this duty called “chumash-shlepper”.

For most people a synagogue conjures images of prayer services, Kaddish, maybe the occasional schnapps. The little story above demonstrates how residents become participants in the large and small activities that make our shul part of their daily routine.

Our synagogue is the centre of prayer for many residents. Beyond this, there are a wide range of activities for all others to enhance knowledge of Jewish values and traditions. Our chaplain co-chairs the campus’s ethics committee which helps residents, families and staff work through ethical dilemmas and difficult decisions.

It is important that residents have spirituality at their doorstep. It is the duty of a chaplain to encourage involvement and reach out to all residents. The chaplaincy is more than a job. It is a calling to support ‘Yiddishkeit’. The feeling of Jewishness that pervades the Louis Brier is the essence and purpose of chaplaincy work and an important validation of our community’s responsibility to support our Jewish home for seniors.

Your donations to the Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation make the synagogue, chaplaincy, and connection to Judaism and spirituality available for our residents. Thank you.

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