The Gift of Laughter

The Gift of Laughter

For the past 19 years, every Friday Binny and Herb Goldman visit Louis Brier to honour and support our residents. While Herb maintains the In Memoriam board for residents who have passed away, Binny helps prepare for the Erev Shabbat service in the Shul and kiddish. She also updates the Brier’s joke board.

Dubbed “Mitch’s Corner” in tribute to Mitch Jampolsky, a resident who brought laughter into the home, Binny brings clippings of riddles, jokes, inspirational statements and even cartoons. “I have always felt a smile, a laugh lightens the load. When shared, it heals much better than meds do,” Binny explains. “I have found laughter to be infectious and it can spread beautifully.” Thank you Binny for sharing your laughter!

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